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How it works?

Build your qualified candidate pool, instantly!

Say goodbye to recruitment firms and their high commission! Just post a Job on the platform and wait for qualified candidates to start rolling in.

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Screen and Filter
at scale.

The platform filters the applicant pool using advanced algorithms and our team of SME's host a customized interview process for additional screening.

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Select your candidate

A detailed video profile of the candidate can be accessed on the platform which showcases an intro video, behavioral analysis, coding interview video and much more!

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Pick the best potential hire!

Pick your potential hire from the top 1% of the qualified candidate pool

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Providing state of the art cutting edge self-service portal (web and mobile app) with video resumes and behavior analysis along with great feedback from technical screeners all on a single web page

Ease of Use

Just post a job and start selecting qualified candidates for your internal interview process

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Video Resume

One click Meeting Setup

Behaviour Analysis

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