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About TheStaffBox

Quickly meet the enterprise client expectations by fulfilling their hiring needs.

Providing state of the art cutting edge self-service portal (web and mobile app) with video resumes and behavior analysis along with great feedback from clients and technical screener all on a single web page

This helps the vendor and clients quickly select and interview candidates.

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Video Resume

One click Meeting Setup

Behaviour Analysis

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Technical Screening

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Meet TheStaffBox

Ditching contemporary resume shares

No more old school way of sharing resumes to clients! Share a single link to your vendor or client which includes a video profile with behavior analysis, LinkedIn link, resume and skill tags along with any custom fields you would like to add.

Streamline Service

Streamline and provide your client a portal where they can create their profile and add requirements. If this is a lot, then just provide a single link to your client or vendor where they can post their requirements instead of emails.

Out of the box recruitment services

We make you standout from rest of crowd by providing you an experienced recruiting team and the right tool box! Recruitment as a service at its best.


Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll Pay


Small Business

$129/ mo
  • State of art cutting edge portal
  • Video Resume and Behavior Analysis
  • Connect with clients with great feedback and technical screener


For Enterprise pricing please contact us.

/ mo
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    Recruitment as a service

    We provide state of the art cutting edge self-service portal (web and mobile app) for FREE.

    $10/ mo
    • Experienced recruiters to meet your hiring needs

    TheStaffBox Team

    Akhil Kundhavaram


    Nirmal Nimbagiri


    Balvinder Singh

    Sr. Software Developer

    Can be you!

    Product Marketing and Sales

    Pavan Arepalli

    Mobile Developer

    Nagaraj Goud

    Software Developer


    What is the box ?

    The box is a tool to manage job seekers and job requirements. The box is used to increase the placements rate of a recruitment team by providing various candidate selection features. The box is not an application tracking system. Every qualified company will own their own box that can be reached by

    How do the Job seekers get on-boarded on to the company box ?

    The candidates/jobseekers gets on-boarded onto the application in 2 ways --------------------------------Web Application sign up by the job seeker --------Mobile Application sign up by the job seeker

    How to start using thestaffbox ?

    Please email us at for a live demo by one of our experts. All qualified companies will need to go through the on-boarding process after the demo.

    Who interviews the job seeker ?

    When a company recruiter requests for an interview of their candidate(job seeker) from their box using the "Technical Screening" feature, one of our experienced technical screening experts will interview the candidate(job seeker)

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