What is the box ?

The box is a tool to manage job seekers and job requirements. The box is used to increase the placements rate of a company. The box is not an application tracking system. Every qualified company will own their own box that can be reached by https://.thestaffbox.com/

How do the Job seekers get on-boarded on to the company box ?

The candidates/jobseekers gets on-boarded onto the application in 2 ways --------------------------------

Web Application sign up by the job seeker https://.thestaffbox.com/#/register-box --------

Mobile Application sign up by the job seeker

How to start using thestaffbox ?

Please email us at hello@thestaffbox.com for a live demo by one of our experts. All qualified companies will need to go through the on-boarding process after the demo.

Who interviews the job seeker ?

When a company recruiter requests for an interview of their candidate(job seeker) from their box using the "Technical Screening" feature, one of our experienced technical screening experts will interview the candidate(job seeker)

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